So the big day is here…

Getting glammed up for any occasion is an exciting experience. However, improper skincare practices can alter the look of an otherwise flawless makeup application. From hair removal to exfoliation, take a minute to read the tips listed on this page. Adhering to these tips and techniques will result in a beautiful makeup application that will allow you to show your best self!

Hydration-Inside and Out

Properly hydrated skin is an absolute must for makeup wearers. Hydrated skin allows makeup to glide effortlessly across the skin giving a more natural finish. Apply your creams and serums generously in the days leading up to your consultation for optimal results.

This is also a great time to schedule skin treatments. For basic facials, schedule your service 1-2 weeks before your consultation. For more intensive treatments like chemical peels and scrubs, schedule your service 3-4 weeks before your consultation.

Lastly, drink your water! When you’ve think you’ve had enough, drink some more.


Hair Removal

Whether you have peach fuzz or pronounced hair on the face, hair removal is important. Leaving hair on the face can create an undesirable makeup look. Foundation can get caught in the hair and emphasize texture. Hair can also make areas on the face (upper lip, chin, cheeks) appear darker than they are.

Decide on the technique you would like to use and research artists who specialize in that technique. We recommend hair removal services be preformed 3-5 days before makeup services.


Acne seems to love events too, that’s why one pimple pops up the day before your event. Resist the urge to pop, pick, or scratch. If the pimple is bothersome (which they always are), try to spot treat with bentonite clay and warm/hot water. Bentonite clay will draw the toxins to the surface and the hot water, when gently pressed against the pimple, will expel the toxins. This technique reduces the risk of bleeding and scarring.